Monday, 7 November 2011

The Coffee is Black and the Milk is Expensive

I have noticed in Germany that you cannot just order a “Coffee with Milk”. A cup of coffee, when purchased in a porcelain cup is always served with a packet of sugar, an amazing Ginger cookie and sometimes a creamer on the side. Getting a little container of milk is not an option. I once tried to order a coffee with milk “Kaffee mit Milch” in Köln and while the lady repeated it back to me, a black coffee is what I got.
I have started to take a closer look at the menus when I want coffee now and have found that if you want milk, you have to order a café au lait or Milchkaffee. While I am not sure that café au lait is the same as a bit of milk, the real kicker is that it’s at least 30 cents more expensive!! I don’t even think you can buy little milkers that I could carry around in my purse, but that’s probably for the best as I’m sure letting milk sit in my purse would lead to bigger problems later in the day than spending 30 cents.

I by no means, mean to complain about Germany when I say I can’t get milk in a little container and they don’t have hot water in their bathroom sinks, I am just pointing out the differences. Canada provided me with a lot of little luxuries (except those ginger cookies) and I am just struggling to get use to some of these changes.

You may notice I keep mentioning these Ginger cookies. What are they? They’re little pieces of deliciousness that melt with the warmth of your coffee and make your day complete. I am completely enamored with them. The two brands I’ve come across are Lotus and Maitre and according to the package, you can buy them in the store!! I’ve checked my grocery store 5 times now and even the bigger Real, but no such luck yet. Perhaps when I have proper internet next week, I can actually look them up and find out where they are sold. But in the meantime, if you know where to find them, it would be helpful if you would comment.

And while I have sometimes just had to settle and drink the plain black coffee, I just prefer it with milk.

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